What to Wear

Running around campus trying to get everything done is now a daily part of college life— or at least mine, anyway. With especially unpredictable temperature and sunshine in Davis, it is important to prepare and dress appropriately. Something cute, casual and comfortable is vital for such a busy schedule. Layers will keep you warm and looking extra stylish. If you get too hot, it is easy to peel off your layers, and still have something cute on underneath.

This Fashionista knows all the right ways of what to wear for a day full of madness and chaos. She sports a comfortable, ash gray cardigan, which is actually a step lighter from black. Black would be much too bold for this outfit, especially for spring. Try to wear lighter colors, even if your wardrobe mainly consists of dark neutrals.

Spring has sprung, and it is time to transition into your new, livelier spring attire. This Fashionista wears a floral print underneath, which adds simplicity and a perfect touch to her outfit. Prints are a huge trend this spring, and are absolutely something you should have in your wardrobe. I also noticed the super sweet scalloped neckline. Now that is something note-worthy, not just another errand to jot down.

With a day full of rushing around and checking things off your to-do list, throw in a pop of color like this Fashionista for that extra hint of happiness that represents spring. This Fashionista fearlessly wears a rich, earth-toned pair of jeans that gives additional life to her outfit. To go with the jeans, throw on a pair of boots like hers that are comfortable and durable to walk all around in. Spice up your wardrobe with a nice pair of boots and cool-colored jeans to put some pep in your step for a day full of running errands.

Roaming around outdoors and getting things done, means a lot of exposure to sunlight. You should always have a pair of shades on you at all times! Shades not only protect you from UV rays, but they also make you look extra sophisticated and stylish. Have you noticed the super cute, round-frame sunglasses this Fashionista is wearing? From the gray lens to the gold frame, she uses her shades as the main item to pull her entire outfit together. You can get an affordable pair like hers here from Urban Outfitters. Keep your eye out; tons of designers are making the coolest sunglasses (even ones with awesome cutout lenses). Be the first to rock the newest trends. As your days are full of excitement and craziness, finding the perfect outfit is the key to making everything on your to-do list a bit more doable.

One Simple Change: If you plan to embark on a new adventure or travel to a place you’ve never been, throw on a comfortable scarf and carry a tote bag. This way, you will be prepared for whatever fun comes your way­— any weather, anyway.


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