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Comfort is what most people lean towards when getting dressed in the morning. That, the weather and what is on their agenda for the day and errands seem to frequent the to-do list often, so why not add some fun to the list as well? This Fashionista’s outfit screams fun and uniqueness. During the weekdays we often forget to embrace our individual style and are too stressed by our to-do lists, but this Fashionista is here to remind us that your daily schedule is a huge opportunity to break the monotony and to have some style fun every day.

I love this Fashionista’s patterned pants and while they are a fashion statement, they’re also quite comfortable due to their flowing fabric. They’re definitely eye-catching and have a unique pattern. Take this Fashionista’s style to heart and choose to embrace a fun piece in every outfit and stem from there. I like how this Fashionista ties in the black color to her other pieces to match the pair of pants. From the combat boots to the denim jacket, it screams that this Fashionista is in charge and is set to have a great day.

The combat boots bring this outfit to a whole new level of edginess, while the denim jacket adds just enough casualness. Boots are perfect to add a certain personality to any outfit. From cowboy boots to wedge ankle booties to riding boots, each encompasses a certain flair and is the perfect accessory to add just that extra oomph to your outfit. You also can never go wrong with a denim jacket. They are great for that extra layer of warmth and match essentially any piece in your closet as well. It’s a win-win. This Fashionista’s whole ensemble is a match made in heaven for those days with an extra long to-do list and help make your day that much better.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit to a bit more professional level for a presentation, swap out the denim coat for a black blazer to go along with the black hues in the pants. You’ll still have the chance to try out an edgier look, but in a more refined manner. Depending on the professional level, you can also ditch the combat boots and replace them with a pair of nude heels. These will not only highlight your fun pair of pants, but your legs as well.


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