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We all run into the issue when it’s your only day off and you’d rather lie in bed and watch Netflix all day than scratch off as many tasks as you can from that to-do list. Instead of letting that list pile up, get up and get ready! Starting early means ending early and the perfect night of Netflix to yourself, so it’s a win-win. While getting dressed you want to choose something as freeing as possible because of all the running around you’ll be doing. What’s more freeing than a skirt?

Mix leather and lace like this Fashionista. Two of the latest trends can get you to where you’re going fast. Leather, studded boots are perfect for the winter paired with your most unique tights and colorful socks. I loved how she mixed the pattern of her tights with the pattern of her white lace skirt. They were completely different, but worked well together and gave it more of a winter vibe. Those lace skirts do not have to sit in your closet all season, ladies!

Looking effortlessly cool and casual, she combined her favorite pieces into one ensemble. Carrying a big bag is great option if you’ll be buying things at the store. Instead of carrying a million bags you can just throw those items into one after paying.

One Simple Change: If it’s a snowy or rainy day, add a winter jacket to stay covered. You don’t want to have to run more errands to buy cold medicine.


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