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As the week goes on, our patience with troublesome teachers and never-ending homework assignments is starting to run out. But that’s not the only thing we’re running low on as the end of the week approaches. That’s right, I’m talking about food. When the only things left in your cabinets are a pack of Ramen and a Nerds rope, you know it’s time to run some errands and re-stock. Usually the grocery store is the last place you want to look cute for, but you just never know who you’ll run into on the frozen pizza aisle. So which do we choose: the comfort of shopping in our PJs or the effort of picking out a real outfit?

Luckily, this Fashionista has put together the perfect outfit that doesn’t require us to choose at all. For bottoms, she’s selected the closest thing to pajama pants: leggings. This way she keeps the comfort and still gets to look chic. Since the grocery store isn’t exactly the Grammys, she kept it simple with her white button-down top. This shows a lot more effort than just throwing on a T-shirt, but it doesn’t make her look too dressed up either. Her navy blue cardigan adds to the simplicity of the outfit. I think cardigans are a must have for anyone’s wardrobe. They are quick to grab when running out the door and are a great way to complete any unfinished outfit.

Flats are a great choice for running errands or any activity that requires a lot of walking. The pop of leopard is a nice accent and a great way to incorporate a pattern into the look. This isn’t the only place you’ll find animals on her outfit, however. If you look closely, you’ll see her sporting an adorable and unique Forever 21 gold necklace with a horse pendant—my favorite part of the outfit. She completes the look with a pair of stylish leopard-framed shades from Urban Outfitters. These simple accessory choices make her outfit look a lot more sophisticated. So next time you have to run some errands, follow this Fashionista’s example and go with a stylish yet still comfortable outfit complete with accessories. And when you run into that cute boy from your calculus class in the checkout line you’ll be glad you did.

One Simple Change:  With the comfort this outfit provides, it would be perfect for traveling in as well. Just add a leopard carry-on bag and exchange the sunglasses for reading glasses. Then you’ll be able to snuggle up with a good book and enjoy your fashionable flight.



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