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There are two fundamental principles my grandma has taught me so far in life. One: always have chips and dip prepared; you never know who is going to come knocking (read: devout readers, get your Frito’s ready for my arrival). Two: you could meet your future husband/wife at the grocery store, so dress fresher than the produce. Okay, so maybe I embellished the part about her hypothetically comparing me to a bag of spinach. Nonetheless, it speaks volumes to my fellow Fashionista/os, parading through aisles in convenience and grocery stores worldwide.

Spotted waiting for the Metro-North, this Fashionista is a prime example of looking prim and put together for everyday activities. Pairing these adorable booties with a simple black jean, she exudes a certain element of chicness accompanied with comfort. Speaking of chic, get a load of that satchel! Hello, beautiful. It’s practical and sophisticated. Better yet, it’s the perfect size to throw your laptop in and read CollegeFashionista at a moment’s notice.

As we are all well aware, comfort is key for running errands in New York during a polar vortex. This Fashionista dons two-toned cable knit flip top mittens to keep her fingers fabulously away from the weather’s ferocity. In a similar fashion, she wears a knitted beanie. Throw on an infinity scarf, and you’ll be as easy on the eyes as the weather is on your bundled body.

Remember that person you befriended Saturday night and showed your killer dance moves to? Chances are you’ll conveniently bump into him or her whilst running errands. Funny how life works, isn’t it? Now, what better way to make a great second (or first, depending how loosely defined ‘remember’ is) impression than by emulating effortless style? Follow the lead of this week’s Fashionista and make the grocery store aisles your runway.

One Simple Change: After meeting your future husband/wife while running errands, ditch the jeans for these Anthropologie Fernwood Cargos for a Casual Date Night.


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