What to Wear

The life of the modern college student follows a similar pattern from campus to campus. It’s four years of “all or nothing” living. There are days claimed by Netflix and the latest Buzzfeed articles, and then there are the marathon days that threaten any semblance of mental stability. Productivity levels typically range from an over caffeinated high, to a state of complete immobility. So on those days where Anne Hathaway’s gig in The Devil Wears Prada looks like nothing, comfort is key. We’re not working for Anna Wintour after all. At least not yet.

While dressing for days that could take you anywhere and/or everywhere, an even mix of functional and fashionable clothing is called for. With a campus like the University of Missouri, where nearly every destination is within walking distance, comfort starts from the ground up. A classic pair of Converse is perfect for days spent running from one place to another. High tops are a great option for the adventurous, while low tops are a go-to for any Fashionista.

Busy days of running errands are fast paced, making an over the shoulder, oversized tote a necessity. The store it all bag from the childhood classic Halloweentown is unfortunately merely a fantasy, but this Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon cross-body is a close second. The shoulder strap is a must for running around campus, while the large size can accommodate a to-do list of any length.

A scarf is the perfect way to accessorize during mild weather conditions. Get hot running to and from? Stash it in that fabulous tote you so gracefully threw over your shoulder on your way out of the house. This Fashionista rocks a faux fur infinity from Nordstrom with ease. While you’re likely thinking of faux fur’s recent popularity, here’s a disclaimer. For those looking to join the latest faux fur craze, it can go very well or very badly. It’s all about moderation when it comes to wearing trends. Using moderation in our diet is a notion we all fight to grasp, but applying it to faux fur, that we should all be able to handle.

One Simple Change: Chilly weather? Throw on a vest and boots to accommodate to the cooler temperatures and you’re all set for a day on the go.


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