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Even though the spring semester has just begun, and try as we might, there’s no denying the endless to-do list that’s currently piling up (guilty as charged). Between buying an obscene amount of textbooks and trading our beloved Netflix binges for reading assignments, it’s safe to say that the start of a new semester can bring a lot of stress. While it’s easy to resort to yoga attire for a day riddled with errands, chin up and sport a classic, yet comfortable, look to give your mood a boost as you make your way through that list! Although we can definitely agree that errands are an absolute drag, that doesn’t mean your outfit has to follow suit!

When you feel brave enough to conquer that list, take some serious styling cues from this wise Fashionista and put a spin on casual attire. Opting for something other than your favorite T-shirt is always fool-proof, and a cute graphic sweater is a great option, as demonstrated by this Fashionista. As a fab alternative to a hoodie, a sweater such as this will keep you warm as you tackle your never ending to-do list. Even though comfort has become synonymous with leggings amongst college students, break away from the crowd and sport your comfiest pair of denim jeans instead! Choosing a fit that’s cozy, yet flattering can be quite a challenge, but when paired with vintage knee-high boots, all of that dressing room drama will most definitely be worth it (trust me). Finish off your ensemble with your favorite carry-all bag and prepare to conquer that list (and then reward yourself with a Gossip Girl marathon of course)!

One Simple Change: For a slightly warmer day, swap the boots for a pair of cute straps and voila! You’ll have the perfect ensemble for your next study group.


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