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It is the Thursday before the semester comes to a close and I know most of you college students are cramming for those last few finals (or procrastinating by reading this post). Regardless of your choice of action, you will soon be returning home to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends which means there is much to prepare for. Particularly, gifts, candy and cards are needed to distribute to your loved ones.

By coming home straight from finals, you are certainly not prepared in that department. You have struggled through countless days and sleepless nights studying to pass those exams. The only thoughts running through your mind consisted of equations and formulas, and the only body movements you made were to turn pages of a book. Now that you are about finished, you must transition your mind to the amount of errands that need to be done by the time the 24th rolls around. While you may be overwhelmed with how many presents you need to buy, you will be cool, calm and collected when it comes to what to wear.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of how to dress for a long day of running around the malls and shopping centers. You want to wear something comfortable, yet still cute and cozy for the brisk December air. She began this ensemble with a long-sleeved V-neck black shirt with a strip of darling detailing down the middle. Over top she wore a forest green hooded jacket. Not only is she in a festive color, but it will also keep her warm for her dash from the car to the store, and be comfortable all day long. On the bottom she wore classic black skinny jeans: a staple item every girl needs.  As for footwear she chose black leather zip-up boots. Another classic item that tends to be just as versatile as those 20 boxes of assorted chocolates you bought as gifts to everyone when you gave up trying. Happy Holidays!

One Simple Change: If it happens to be snowing when you’re out and about, switch the hoodie for a tan trench coat and swap your leather boots for rain boots.


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