WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Sometimes, you find yourself in a style rut. Perhaps I should say more of a canyon void of style. At these times I think we forget to look around us. Style inspiration can come from anything: nature, art, literature and even weather. However, the best inspiration is in the people right in front of us. Having people like this Fashionista in my classes is a style blessing. Who better to draw inspiration from than your peers? Even the simplest outfit can spawn new ideas and concepts.

What’s really impressive here is when said peers turn up to class at the break of dawn (also known as 9 am) looking completely put together and cute. The easy way out, which many college students prefer, would be sweats and a hoodie. But who wants to blend in with the crowd? Be like this Fashionista who stands out the right way by looking chic yet completely effortless. In the early morning it may be hard to even contemplate such a tall order, but it’s possible!

What do people love about hoodies? Often they love the bagginess and warmth of it. Choose an oversized plaid shirt instead, with a tank top underneath to add a layer of warmth. By buttoning your plaid to the top button, you put a masculine, smart edge to your outfit. Swap your sweatpants for black leggings, which you will find are just as comfortable and soft but much cuter. This Fashionista completes the outfit with simple, buckle-adorned boots. Of course, you can never go wrong with a trendy studded bag. This bag would go great with the ensemble as well. Pulling your hair back into a high pony tail shows off your bone structure while adding that finishing touch to your look.

One Simple Change: Throw a chunky knit sweater over the plaid, making sure to leave the collar sticking out and you could be ready to run errands in style. The sweater will add warmth for getting in and out of the car or bus.


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