WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

For some reason or another, with the autumn months, color is something that many college students tend to neglect in their outfits. It is sad to see campus as a sea of neutral hues. Perhaps it’s the desire to blend in, or the clouds that come and cover up the sun, but whatever the reason, it is always encouraging to see students who embrace color into their wardrobe.

This Fashionista’s outfit was a breath of fresh air on the dull campus. A delicate balance of colour and neutrals, this Fashionista’s look is one that works for any time of day, especially the cool September mornings and evenings of Canada.

At first glance, the eye-catching element of the outfit is definitely the Fashionista’s Aztec print pants; however, when looking more closely at how the pants relate to the other elements of the look, the reason this outfit is so fantastic is the structure. By pairing her sleek and unique pants with a simple black shirt, this Fashionista makes sure that her pants stand out as the centerpiece and are not fighting for the attention of any other element. Her dainty necklace complements her bone-structure and furthers the simplicity of her outfit. With her printed pant as the showcased piece, this Fashionista’s choice of simple black heels lengthens her already tall and slender frame and creates the balanced effect of black on top and black on bottom. The Fashionista then continues to add colour by breaking up the black and black with a teal cross-body bag, which works as an accent to the teal colour in the pants. The overall effect is orchestrated perfectly in how it pairs the neutrals and colours for an elegant and trendy ensemble.

One Simple Change: Switch up the heels for a pair of flats for a cute and comfy outfit for a day of shopping or a city outing.


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