WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Unexpected, early classes can make any Fashionista/o uninspired, especially with the bi-polar heat waves here at Texas State! But I find that the best way to keep inspired is by resourcing minimal prep work despite early lectures. This look is simple and easy to replicate. Get ready to face the early mornings with comfort and confidence.

This Fashionista caught my eye on her early commute across campus. She is living proof that a little can most definitely go a long way. Most if not all of you will have the urge to go to class in your coziest pj’s or your favorite oversized T-shirt (which I plead guilty!). Breakaway from the norm and opt for a simple, yet functional ensemble. Take a couple of cues from this Fashionista and sift out a French “basique” or known all over the world over as “the French sailor shirt.” It is a versatile piece that looks great on almost everyone. Leave the sweatpants at home and opt for another classic piece (you guessed it!) the circle skirt, a noteworthy take on casual attire.

Don’t forget, an outfit is never complete without the appropriate accessories. Sunglasses are a must for blocking out the early morning rays. Putting on bright red lipstick will not only brighten your complexion but also add a “put together” look. Ditch the backpack and reach for a cross-body bag for some hands-free hauling.

If you’re anything like me and hit the snooze button a few too many times for those early lectures, follow the lead of this Fashionista to put together a look that is functional yet comfortable without arriving fashionably late.

One Simple Change: Switching out the skirt for a pair of black leggings will embrace comfort for a long day at the library or a casual study date for a stylish impression.


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