WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Whether it’s because of circadian rhythm or a late night in the city, most college students prefer post meridian classes. Unfortunately, not all of us have the privilege of being enrolled in mid-afternoon courses. Sometimes we are forced into that 8:00 a.m. lecture over Middle Eastern politics. This means goodbye sleep and hello to waking up early to prep ourselves to take on campus. Be the Fashionista you want to see in the world, right?

Despite her early class, this week’s Fashionista looked ready to take on the world. Full of energy, she practically waltzed down the sidewalks of Emory. What struck me the most about her outfit is the ease with which Fashionistas can recreate this look during a hectic morning. The crucial question asked by many busy students is: how can I look like “a million bucks” without spending ages getting ready? This Fashionista holds the answer.

This heart sweater is perfect for a chilly morning class and it can be worn without being ironed. Ironing, as any Fashionista/o knows, is the Achilles’ heel of the fashion world. When worn with 7 For All Mankind jeans (here is an ideal pair), you can achieve a laid back summer look.

However, I cannot forget this Fashionista’s footwear. White Converse are a must have for your summer closet. Want to wear a military jacket and jeans? White Converse complete the outfit. How about a floral dress? Converse will add a sense of casualness to your look. It is essential for Fashionistas to know the difference between casual and sloppy. This week’s Fashionista definitely exemplifies the former.

Since less classes are taken during summer semester, one can easily carry their belongings in a single bag. This Fashionista’s backpack adds a scholarly touch to her laid back ensemble, but it can easily be replaced with a tote. A tote will provide you with easy access to your belongings, which can be vital after rushing across campus to get a front row seat for that morning lecture.

One Simple Change: Is a heat wave headed for your school? Exchange this Fashionista’s straight-legged jeans for a pair of high-waisted shorts. Voila! You will be prepared for that long awaited summer weather.


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