WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Let’s be real— early classes just shouldn’t exist. I, myself, am the furthest thing from a morning person. There is nothing more that I struggle with than trying to drag myself out of my comfortable, warm bed and scramble to make it to class. Add to that the constant agony of trying to gain enough consciousness to clearly think about what to wear that day, and I can be downright miserable before I’ve even left my house. That’s why, for me, it’s always good to have that perfect go-to early morning outfit that doesn’t require much thought. One that’s simple, comfortable, effortless and fashion friendly!

This week I spotted the perfect example of how to dress for that awful morning class and still look fab! With the simplicity of a sweater and skinnies, paired with some stylish sandals, this Fashionista rocked the look of what would conquer any early a.m. class. What I loved most about this outfit is it has a sense of ease, while still possessing a fashionable quality from the pop of color of the tote bag and trendy sandals.

It’s important to note that, although you should always look your best on campus, it doesn’t mean you have to be wearing a dress or skirt. Fashion can be relaxed and freeing! So, for those mornings that no one looks forward to, remember you can still be a Fashionista without being over the top!

One Simple Change: By changing out your sweater to a fun and stylish blouse in your school’s colors, you are ready to attend any sport or campus event and show your school spirit!


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