WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

The bane of all college students’ existence is that eight a.m. class. Even that nine a.m. class. When you have to walk across campus to get to your Organic Chemistry lab, fashion may not be the most important thing on your mind. However, you can still be comfortable even if you have to make an early appearance on campus.

This Fashionista looks fabulous even on a gray and cold morning. She is wearing a beautiful flannel-based jacket with a tie-around belt. I really recommend wearing flannel in the mornings. Even in the spring, mornings in Pennsylvania are not pleasant. Keep the flannel solid colored, because funky flannel can just look fuzzy. Try wearing a comfortable long sleeve shirt or T-shirt beneath it. Her jacket has a fabulous collar that folds over and an interesting wrap-around belt. A belt on a jacket can highlight the curve of your waist. The neutral color of the jacket and her entire outfit looks comfortable and simple. The tan is a few colors lighter than her skin tone, which prevents her from blending into the jacket.

Because her coat reaches close to her knees, this Fashionista only has to wear a pair of black tights to finish the outfit. Black tights elongate the legs, especially when everything else in the outfit is neutral as well. Her dark blue flats are easy to walk in and do not cut off her legs. If you’re wearing black tights, try to keep the footwear dark as well. It adds unity to the outfit. The hint of gold on the flats keeps them from being plain. A little sparkle here and there never hurt anyone. Stay warm, stay comfortable and stay awake!

One Simple Change: If you’re running errands, swap out the flats for a pair of combat boots or Dr. Martens.


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