WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

It’s 8 o’clock A.M. and your alarm starts going off. Aloof and exhausted you continually snooze it. Hoping that with each ‘snooze’ you can further avoid the imminent doom that is waking up for your early class. Instead, as the clock ticks you get closer and closer to running late for class. Frantically running from closet, to kitchen to bathroom you somehow manage to get your tired butt out the door on time. Coffee in hand and backpack on your back, you gracefully walk into class, albeit fashionably late.

Needless to say, morning classes are stressful. We don’t want to leave our cozy cocoon of a bed to sit on a cold, hard chair and desk. But, morning classes are hard to avoid. While they can be annoying, there’s something to be said about getting your day started early, the early bird didn’t catch the worm for nothing!

This Fashionista surely catches her worm! Pairing her light wash pink jeans with her studded, black combat boots she easily adds edge to her otherwise feminine outfit. Her cream sweatshirt and her brown jacket give her look the ease of comfort while also contrasting and adding to her pale palette. Her look’s emphasis on using a spring influenced color scheme allows her to look casual, on-trend and ready for a new season. Still using winter backups like combat boots and a necessary jacket make her look more weather appropriate with the perfect amount of springtime fun!

One Simple Change: Heading out with friends? Throw on an oversized sweater with a pair of funky booties to keep the washed out springtime look continuous.


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