WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Around this time of year, especially right before midterms, it’s easy to feel sluggish, tired and anti-class. You press “snooze” multiple times, pretend you don’t hear your roommate telling you to wake up and you throw on a sweatshirt and UGGs and call it a day. As a Fashionista it’s pretty tough to dress like a slob, because people expect things from you, you know? So don’t! It’s easy to be comfortable and cute for those early classes, just check out this Fashionista’s look.

On a cold, rainy day this Fashionista dressed simply and stylishly, perfect for the occasion. For early classes you don’t want to try too hard or pull out your best look, it’s a time to be comfy for those sleepy, early mornings. This Fashionista’s oversized grungy sweatshirt-type top stood out to me on this gray day. The array of colors and mix of fabric was a unique take on a traditional sweatshirt. Her skinny jeans were nicely complemented by her charcoal Converse. This Fashionista’s outfit was certainly standout, but also cozy and great for an early class.

The sweatshirt is key in this look. There are ways to wear a sweatshirt-type top without looking like a slob. A graphic sweatshirt, a mixed material sweatshirt and even a sequin sweatshirt are all options to dress up the signature “sweat.” Stay away from leggings with your sweatshirt and throw on a pair of jeans like this Fashionista. Leggings, while comfortable, can add to the slobbish look, while jeans are more put together and clean. Add some spunk to the look with some texture in the jeans, like rips. No need to accessorize for early morning classes! The goal is clean, comfy and chic!

Early classes can be rough, trust me, but you can always dress up your look and have fun with your wardrobe, no matter the time of day.

One Simple Change: With the addition of a large tote, this look would be ideal for running errands!


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