WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

There’s nothing quite as startling (or irritating) as the loud buzz of your alarm clock going off at an obscenely early hour to wake you up for your morning class. During these instances, it’s never felt so easy to gravitate toward an outfit that you wouldn’t typically be seen wearing around campus – I’m talking leggings, a college hoodie, the whole nine yards. However, fellow Fashionistas, even though it’s early and more than half of your classmates are still just waking up upon tumbling into class, if you want to start your day off right, it’s always important to pick an outfit that you feel and look good in.

When I spotted this Fashionista on her morning trek to class, I initially noticed how adorable her overall style was. Her entire getup looked effortless and cozy, but there was a strong element of personal style woven into it that proved she had a strong point of view when it came to getting dressed. I then noticed how much she stood out (in a good way!) in comparison to the other students walking about campus who were still in a sort of zombie-like morning trance. Their ultra-comfy looks, which were probably chosen without much thought or deliberation, paled in comparison to this Fashionista’s laid-back yet lovely overall outfit.

This Fashionista was sporting a black and green army jacket, a pair of stonewashed jeans and black ankle boots. She accessorized with an oversized gray scarf and a brown tote bag. Besides being clearly cute and cozy, her look was also practical and perfect for a morning class. Oftentimes heading to an early class means that the commute will be chilly, but the temperature outside will usually get progressively warmer before it’s time to leave. The fact that she wore layers enabled her to keep herself comfortable for her trip to and from class.

If you’re already dreading your early class tomorrow morning, just remember that there’s truly no better way to start the day than with an outfit that’s chic, functional and still totally reflective of your own style. So stop hitting the snooze button, pour yourself a cup of coffee, take some style inspiration from this Fashionista and go get dressed!

One Simple Change: Meeting with a professor sometime soon? Take this same look and swap out the jeans for a black skinny pant to make a professional impression without going over the top.


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