WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

I am extremely supportive of students who get up in the mornings and dress for success! The invention of 8 a.m. classes has cursed lecture halls with pajama and sweatpants for decades. Luckily, there are always those few students who stand out from the sleepy-eyed crowd. I spotted this Fashionisto on his way to class and had to commend him for his chic morning look!

The first thing I noticed about his clothes was his use of neutral colors. The choice of colors gave him a very urban look. On this sunny morning he chose to wear a casual gray T-shirt, paired with a relaxed cardigan and cotton scarf. This simple but bold outfit is really accentuated by his use of accessories. Each one is a necessity but also acts as a great addition to the look. Besides the scarf, he is sporting a modern wrist watch and electrifying blue-rimmed eye glasses. He has everything he needs for staying warm and working hard in class including his tough combat boots!

In order to replicate this awesome school day outfit, start off by throwing on a pair of jeans and relaxed T-shirt. Find a warm cardigan to shield you from the cold weather. This is a good item to wear, especially if you live in a place like Georgia where the temperature changes constantly throughout the day. In this case you will be able to put on and take off layers as the temperatures switch. To finish the outfit, accessorize with a dashing wrist watch and trendy scarf. If you feel like being even more daring, roll up your pants legs to show off your shoes. However way you decide to execute this look, show up to class ready to work. Don’t forget to show up with confidence and coffee in hand!

One Simple Change: Need a simple way to change this outfit from a casual day to a dressier occasion? Instead of wearing a T-shirt, switch it out for a classic button-down shirt. Layer with your cardigan. Have it fully buttoned then and roll the sleeves so your shirt is shown. These simple changes will have your comfortable and will also give you an eclectic vibe. Everyone likes a classic guy!


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