WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Mornings can be rough. Let’s face it—some of us just weren’t blessed with the innate ability to be “morning people.” Time is of the essence for many college students and figuring out how to spend that time is crucial, especially at the very start of your day. Some people prefer to start their morning off with a good workout, some like to take the time to do their hair and makeup, some like to catch the morning news. Recently, I have taken it upon myself to make sure I allow time to make a healthy breakfast to start my days off right. For this Fashionista, she stayed true to her passion for fashion and took that little bit of extra time to find a great outfit before heading to Cool Beans, Columbia’s favorite local coffee shop just off campus. It was her effortlessly flawlessly appearance that made me want to stop her before she headed off to her early morning class.

“Wearing a fashionable outfit to me doesn’t take any more time than it does to put on a pair of sweatpants. For me, I love taking the time to wear something that looks great…because then I feel great!” Describing her harem floral pants as one of the most comfortable pairs in her closet, I can fully understand why she chose them for her early class; in addition to looking good, they’re easy to wear.

I might have chosen to a coral top, because I tend to try to match things, sometimes too much. I love how this Fashionista picked up on the navy in the pants and paired a velvet navy J.Crew cropped top with her red and orange harem pants. Using a creative thought process when choosing your outfit can really give you a unique spin just like she did.

For an early morning class, and with the busy pattern in her pants, this Fashionista kept her accessories simple with a classic gold locket and a unique bracelet displaying an awesome coral-colored stone.

So, however you choose to start your day…carpe diem!!!

One Simple Change: If you aren’t ready to try harem pants, swap them out for a simple high-waisted jean instead.


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