WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

No matter how much time we spend modifying our class schedules (and pleading with our advisers), within the four years of our college experience we are bound to come face to face with the unthinkable: an 8 a.m. class. While it may be your first instinct to boycott class and crawl under your bedsheets and fall into yet another American Horror Story coma, take a breather; for every cloud (even an early class) has a silver lining. Other than giving you a much needed jump start on your day, there is one simple solution to looking on the bright side and beating the early class blues (hint: it’s as simple as the clothes on your back)!

Strolling through campus, I caught a glimpse of this dapper Fashionisto who is living proof that a little can most definitely go a long way! As much as you might have the urge to go to your morning classes in your coziest pair of pj’s, breakaway from norm and opt for a simple, yet striking take on casual attire instead. Take a couple cues from this Fashionisto and opt for a vibrant plaid button-down to lift your spirits (if coffee isn’t doing the deed of course)! Leave the sweatpants on the shelves and test out a pair of relaxed dark wash denim, which will surely pair heavenly with everything in your closet. If lugging around your heavy backpack all morning doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, follow in the manner of this daring Fashionisto and carry around a stylish leather messenger bag instead! When paired with your coziest (and most stylish) coat, battling the early morning blues and frigid temperatures might just be a little bit more bearable!

One Simple Change: Meeting with a professor instead? Ditch the jeans for a pair of casual trousers and making a striking first impression will be a cinch.


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