WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

It’s every college student’s nightmare: the blare of a buzzer or the blast of your now-least-favorite song disturbing your peaceful slumber. You realize it’s time to leave the comfort of your memory foam bed, but instead you lay there and try to justify hitting snooze just one more time. Luckily, as an upperclassman, my alarm doesn’t go off until 9 a.m. these days. Yet the horror of the dreaded 8 a.m. class block is still fresh in my memory. On mornings like these, instead of coffee, fashion becomes the main priority.

If you indulge in those few extra minutes of sleep and find yourself rushing to look presentable, rely on your accessories. This Fashionista chose a cool pair of sunglasses with a bright blue accent and an adorable leopard-print kate spade watch. Accessories like these make a simple outfit pop and are easy to grab as you sprint out the door! In the winter months, campuses across the nation are swarmed with girls dressed in UGGs, black North Face parkas and Longchamp bags. In fact, today I succumbed to conformity and wore exactly that. What can I say, below zero temperatures cause function to trump fashion! I love that this Fashionista risked frostbitten toes to wear a pair of boots much cuter than my UGGs. Her look is simple, sleek and stylish!

One Simple Change: I’m a huge fan of this Fashionista’s Longchamp and I truly believe every college girl should own one just like it. They’re classic and so convenient. If you think Longchamps are too trendy, try a bright color! This gorgeous orange is sure to brighten a gloomy winter day.


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