WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Few things can be more detrimental to a college student’s schedule then an 8 am class.  After waking up early for school as a child and teenager, college should be your opportunity to sleep in and stay out late. However, if you do find yourself enrolled in an 8 AM be sure to dress your best. Don’t fall into the trap of sporting your pajamas; instead opt for a more polished look to really jump-start your day.

This Fashionista elected to dress cutely and cohesively for her Early Class. She combined a pair of light wash denim with a flannel, puffer vest and knit scarf. Her tall brown boots bring the entire ensemble together and add a different color and texture to her look. Each layer works well together because all of the colors are unified.This outfit is one that will keep any Fashionista warm.

Each piece exudes a cold weather feel that ensures a warm and adorable ensemble. The key when dressing for the winter is to not loose your figure in chunky pieces or layered looks. By combining the flattering flannel with a puffer vest, this Fashionista doesn’t get lost in the fabric. Be sure to try and implement this balance in your look by mixing from sensitive jeans or tops with warmer pieces such as scarves and vests or parkas.

One Simple Change: This look is extremely versatile for the daytime. It is very casual yet still chic and unified. To take this Early Class look to the stadium for a Sporting Event, simply lose the tote bag. This makes the look less academic and sportier, perfect for a day in the stands.

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