WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

What to Wear

Class at 8 A.M. is the worst. It is hard to put an effort into your outfit that early in the morning when all you want to do is climb back in bed. This Fashionista knows how to dress for early classes. Although she is simply wearing a T-shirt under a sweatshirt, she manages to look super chic in some of the most casual clothes offered. The secret? The T-shirt is a bright color compared to her dark green corduroys. The bright color makes this ensemble more attention-grabbing. Stripes have become a classic pattern. The fashionable light red striped sweatshirt goes perfectly with the red tee underneath.

Let’s focus on the green corduroys. This Fashionista is rocking earthy tones in her ensemble and the forest green pants are the first thing that snatched my attention. Corduroys are one of the most comfortable pants, next to yoga pants of course, to wear when sitting in class. They are soft and keep your legs warm when it’s brisk out. Not only are they super comfy, they have been trending throughout the last couple of seasons on the runway.

Ah, UGGs. Although these shoes are a highly debated topic, I think this Fashionista knew what she was doing when she paired the shoes with her outfit. It added an earthier feel to it, as well as kept her feet warm and comfy while walking around campus.

There are many colors in this outfit. What pulls it all together? It’s her naturally brunette hair. It is dried with loose waves throughout it with a part slightly to the side. This Fashionista’s hair goes with the earthy tone that the dark green corduroys and the gray UGGs assert.

One Simple Change: For a sunny day, I suggest swapping out the gray UGGs for some red flats to go with the red T-shirt on top. This would pull the outfit together even more.


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