WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

What to Wear

With classes, interships, work, meetings and other reasons that keep us busy, a chance to dedicate an hour or four of getting ready for a glamorous night out with the girls became a gift from the heavens. But we can’t let a lack of time keep us from what could be the best night of our lives, but we also don’t want people to think we’re confused about the time of day. That’s why nailing the perfect Day to Night look creates the chance to look fab, fierce and stylish throughout the day and into the night without any problems. Don’t lose hope yet!

I spotted this Fashionista around the middle of the day. People were bustling around campus and the weather was fairly nice. It was the perfect temperature for leggings and a light sweater. Peeking under her sweater is an adorable floral blouse, which adds a nice touch of femininity to the outfit. She has on her brown military boots to help her comfortably get to classes, and to top it all off, her crescent-shaped gold, rhinestoned necklace adds a little bit of glam that goes a long way.

I recommend an outfit like this to transition into the night mainly because of the dressy blouse and necklace. For example, if she was going out later that night to dance or party with her friends, all she has to do is lose the sweater and she has a great glam and girly look to help her own the night.

One Simple Change: Because this outfit is already so easy to change for different occasions, one way to do it would include losing the sweater and the boots and opt in some bright heels for a Fancy Date Night to impress that certain someone.


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