WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

What to Wear

As the semester winds down, so do our outfit choices. It’s too warm to wear your cute pink fuzzy sweater, but not quite hot enough to rock those fringed shorts you got at the Urban Outfitters sale. What’s even more annoying is that you never seem to know if it’s appropriate to wear a jacket or not. How on Earth are you supposed to focus on your studies if you don’t know what to wear? Well, the fashion gurus have heard your complaints and they’ve come up with a solution: kimonos!

Kimonos are fabulous because they are ridiculously versatile. This Fashionista could easily take her look from day to night because of the gorgeous kimono she’s wearing. Since a kimono is usually detailed, they usually serve as the focal point of the outfit. That being said, you’ll want to tone down the rest of the look with closet basics. That’s exactly what this Fashionista did and she still looked stylish.

First you’ll want to get the perfect pair of black jeans. Black jeans are a wardrobe must-have! Just like the kimono, they’re extremely versatile. You can wear them with a crop top in the summer, or you can pair them with a flannel in the wintertime. But what’s my personal favorite, one true pairing? Black jeans and a basic white T-shirt. Paired with a kimono, the white shirt, black jeans and kimono combo exudes the feeling of daytime tranquility.

So how exactly can you take this look from day to night? That’s easy; just replace the shirt and jeans with a black midi dress. It’ll instantly take the look up a notch and have you feeling ultra sexy. Not to mention, it’s totally reminiscent of something Vanessa Hudgens would wear.

One Simple Change: How do you take this simple day to night look and turn it into a fancy date night look? Swap the combat boots for black heels and you’ll be good to go.


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