WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

What to Wear

In a busy city like New York, I have learned one thing about weekdays: don’t slow down. Slowing down allows that fatigue to set in. Slowing down stops you from taking full advantage of your day, and should only be set aside for the weekends.

The problem with never stopping on a week day, for Fashionistas like you and I, is that we have to arrange our outfits around our full schedule. We can’t be going to after dinner drinks in anything less than fabulous!

That is why we must make our wardrobe adaptable to any future plans we may have. We can’t go to work looking dreary, because we may just get asked on a date with the hot guy from the bar, and have to go straight from work. We also can’t wear our slim fit, but totally flattering miniskirt to work either. While it may be fun for a date, it’s highly inappropriate for work.

This Fashionista shows us the perfect balance of fun and professional. Depending on your work place, dark jeans are usually allowed if wearing the right top and shoes. Dark jeans, like the black ones she has on, can be dressed up much easier than light wash or faded denim.

Pair these black jeans with a silky and loose blouse. You can even tuck it in (like this Fashionista) during the day, and feel free to untuck at night. Follow this Fashionista’s lead and layer a black bomber jacket overtop. Then throw on your most comfortable heels! Side note: there’s no shame in pulling the old trick of bringing an extra pair of shoes for when your heels start to kill. Better to be in flats than falling behind due to shoe pain!

Finally, take the time to do your hair, and apply light make up for a more put together look. Bring some darker lipstick and eyeliner for touch ups after work before you head to the next event.

One Simple Change: Lose the black jeans and instead, try a pencil skirt for a professional and chic interview outfit!


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