WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

What to Wear

Weekdays on campus can often be long, stressful and nonstop, filled with many coffees and personal pep talks in between. It’s days like these where we all need to realize that we are in an environment for four years that permits us pure, sweet freedom. Had a killer test on Thursday that you aced? Go out and celebrate. Bombed it? Even better reason to spend a night on the town.

The only dilemma here is that night class that extends just a little too late or a packed schedule that leaves no room for back and forth runs to your apartment.

The obvious answer is an interchangeable outfit that you could rock both day and night, and this Fashionista’s outfit offers the perfect inspiration. To achieve a similar look choose a statement blouse as the centerpiece, selecting a print (or lack thereof!) that truly reflects your individuality. The snakeskin pattern on this Fashionista’s shirt shows personality but is played down by a chic blue cardigan, which makes it more appropriate for the day. She even cuffed the sleeves of her button-down outside of her cardigan creating a professional and polished appearance. She finished with dark-wash jeans and black combat boots with gray wool socks peeking through.

Taking a look such as this from day to night would be easy. By ditching the cardigan you allow the top to be at full force, which looks both sleek and sexy. Since jeans can be dressed up or down, it would be appropriate to keep them on while simply swapping the boots for a pair of lust worthy booties in sheer black or modern leather. 

By rocking delicate accessories during the day such as stacked bangles, a cool watch or quirky studs you can effortlessly alter minimal pieces and achieve a desirable look for a night out.

One Simple Change: If your packed schedule consists of an interview, trade the cardigan for a blazer and the combat boots for cute flats or sophisticated heels.


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