WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

What to Wear

Now that you’re back on campus, it’s the perfect time to catch up with friends as much as you can before the semester gets too busy. If any of you are like me and tend to over commit at times, you know the importance of being prepared for several different occasions. Wearing a versatile outfit will help you transition from classes during the day to dining with friends in the evening. Lucky for you, I found a Fashionista who showed me how to put together the perfect pieces for an easy transition from the library to the cafeteria.

There’s nothing better than wearing an outfit you love because you feel comfortable and stylish all at once! When deciding how to dress for a long day of classes, meetings, work, etc., you must make sure you will be able to survive long hours in the same outfit—even if it means going straight from the a study session to a catch up dinner with your BFF. This Fashionista shows us a wonderful example of one way to put yourself together in laid back and fashionable manner. For those of you who live in a cold climate (like myself), long T-shirts are a MUST. Let’s be real…I live in them! They are warm and are great pieces for layering. As seen on this week’s Fashionista, try adding a trendy jean vest or jacket over it to give your look an edgy feel. I am a complete jewelry addict, I must admit, so I was immediately drawn to her chunky gold necklace. Statement jewelry, like this necklace, is the perfect addition to your outfit because it is not disruptive (it won’t be banging the desk all class, my professors hate that) and it is big enough that you won’t lose it, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off while your running from class to class. A nice pair of dark pants and some tall boots complete the outfit, adding a very classic touch.

We all have those days, sometimes it seems too often, where we don’t have time to run back home and change before our next item on the “to-do list.” There is no doubt that an outfit like this one will keep you on the Fashion A-List on your campus, as well as make sure you are ready and prepped for the day ahead!

One Simple Change: Heading out to dinner with friends for a birthday dinner? If you want a little more of a dressy look, try putting on a boyfriend blazer instead of a jean vest or jacket.


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