WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

What to Wear

Every college student has those seemingly endless days full of back-to-back classes and meetings – days where you have to pack everything with you because there is no time to even think about returning to your room until the late hours of the night. If you know you probably won’t have time to stop back in your room to change, make sure to wear an outfit that transitions from day to night.

This Fashionista does just that by dressing simply while still looking chic. Her combination of a black blouse, jeans and knee-high boots is a perfect outfit for both day and nighttime. I’m a true believer that black is the greatest color when it comes to clothing. It’s slimming, goes with everything and you can wear it any time of the day. Here’s a great black shirt from Target that you could wear alone, like this Fashionista, or layer underneath a sweater or vest.

This Fashionista spices up her outfit by adding a pearl statement necklace.  Wearing a statement necklace is an effortless way to add extra detail, especially do a simple outfit. Jeans are the best option if you need to wear them for both day and night because, like the color black, they go with basically everything. Here are some skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters that work perfectly to tuck into boots. I’ve been loving Urban Outfitters’ jeans lately because most of them are high-rise, so they fit my long legs and high hips like a normal jean would.

Next time you’re stressing about a busy day, take a tip or two from this Fashionista so you can look fabulous all day and into the night.

One Simple Change: If you’re going from a long day of classes to a night out with friends, trade out the knee-high boots for a pair of healed booties.


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