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The weather is still cold, but the sun has begun to shine. This means that spring is around the corner, which also entails spring and summer tour dates for some of your favorite bands being announced. But, before we get ahead of ourselves and worry about what man tanks a boy should wear to a show in the warm weather, let’s talk about what to wear to a show when it’s cold outside, but hot inside when everyone is inside jumping around and singing in unison.

I found a Fashionisto sporting exactly what a boy should wear to a concert in this ever-changing weather: leather. Leather is everywhere right now. In women’s fashion, it’s in almost every item of clothing we can purchase, but for men it’s not in much other than jackets and shoes. But leather jackets for men have definitely become a thing to have; musicians like Matt Healy from The 1975, Zayn Malik from One Direction and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 can be seen wearing them. The leather jacket trend dates back to John Travolta singing about “Summer Nights” in Grease. The great thing about the leather jacket like any other jacket when it gets hot you can take it off. A good leather jacket can be found at Nordstrom.

This Fashionisto is also wearing black shoes to complement his black leather jacket. They looked like normal black shoes to me until I got closer and realized they were TOMS shoes. I didn’t know Toms made such unique looking shoes. I always thought they had their classics and some wedges, but after talking to this Fashionisto I learned that he was wearing a Movember, or “no shave November,” edition of the shoes that had a little mustache on the outside of the heels.

Lastly, he is wearing a simple necklace with a square photo on it of a boy with cats on his head. Personally, a boy with a necklace has always been a weird trend to accept, but a simple necklace like that works perfectly with this outfit. He found it at a shop on campus, but a normal buyer can find a similar one at Urban Outfitters.

One Simple Change: For the heat wave that will one day come, leave the jacket at home and wear a brightly colored T-shirt and exchange the boot-like TOMS shoes for some classic Vans.


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