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Winter break is here and you may question what you are going to do with all of your free time. You are finally free of classes, exams and early mornings and I believe it is time to have some fun. Sleeping in and consuming everything inside your fridge will only satisfy you for the first week. Eventually you need to get out of bed, put on some lipstick and leave the house. My recommendation for a perfect nighttime activity is to grab some friends, head into the city and go to a concert. There is surely nothing better than to hear live music with a carefree mind. Therefore, I think you should take advantage of this time off and do just that. However, before you go, make sure you plan out an outfit that fits perfectly with the occasion.

This Fashionista I came across looked as if she was heading to the local Battle of the Bands. When it comes to attending shows, there is no better choice of color than black. Must I explain? Black goes with everything, looks chic and simply can be worn for any occasion. This stylish student began her ensemble with a black knitted sweater. Over top she sported a black leather jacket— an absolute must-have for the winter months. A leather jacket will keep you warm and also keep you looking cool. On the bottom she chose charcoal colored leggings. If you want to be both comfy and cozy during this break, you surely cannot go wrong with wearing these on the daily. As for footwear, she went with black leather boots. Whether it is raining, snowing or shining, boots will be perfect for any weather report. This Fashionista is ready to rock out to any plans that come her way.

One Simple Change: Heading out to a club after the show? Switch the leggings for a black skirt and swap the boots for black wedged heels.


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