WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

When the cold weather becomes too daunting, most college kids want to hide under a puffy winter coat and scarf. While some decide to hide under layers of dark colors, Fashionistas choose to stand out through their colorful solutions to the winter blues. Rising to challenge of dressing for a gray, intimidating day makes your outfit that much more meaningful because it has the potential to brighten your day and keep you warm emotionally and physically. Although it’s easy to dress in shades of gray and dull colors to match the cloudy sky, don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your winter wardrobe!

This Fashionista was spotted sporting rich jewel tones, making her outfit pop on an overcast day. Her navy wool Michael Kors outerwear features an asymmetrical zipper and belt, which flatters her figure. Her wine-colored tights, which she informed me were a “last-minute purchase” due to the cold weather, are both functional and stylish. This Fashionista was optimistic and chose to keep a pair of sunglasses handy – just in case the sun decided to come out. But with an outfit this colorful, a dose of sunshine isn’t required to feel warmth on a winter day.

To translate this Fashionista’s look into your own wardrobe, simply pair a jewel-toned pea coat with colored tights and leather riding boots. You’ll stay warm, look cool and be prepared for whatever weather patterns come your way.

One Simple Change: To infuse more warmth and fun into your wardrobe’s weekend wear, try swapping the riding boots for ankle boots and tall, knit socks that will keep you snug and cozy.


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