WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Chicago may not have the snow we had in the past years, but the freezing wind managed to make an appearance this year. I’m from the south suburbs of Chicago so I guess I’m used to this weather, but I can’t help but smile a little when people from the more fortunate, warmer states who came to the city for school complain about how cold they are. You can’t get Chicago without the excessive sweat in the summer and the wind-burned red cheeks in the winter. Package deal, get a cute parka and some wool socks for under your riding boots. This city is worth it.

On my search for this week’s Fashionista, a lot of people turned me down when I asked them to take a picture. The reason? They didn’t think they looked cute all bundled up and windburned. Fashion doesn’t hibernate. It wasn’t until I got way too excited and chased this Fashionista down and said, “Can I take a picture of you, please?!” before I even explained it was for this column, that I had found this week’s Fashionista. She said yes, probably out of extreme fright, but I’ll take what I can get.

First thing that caught my attention about her outfit was the winter trench coat she was wearing. Other than the normal black or creme colors that trench coats normally feature, this navy one looked vintage with its gold sailor-esque buttons. Betsey Johnson made a great trench coat that reminded me of this one, making a simple outfit look complete. Using her jacket as a statement piece, she kept it neutral with her riding boots, leg warmers, gloves and the ever so popular Longchamp bag. This Fashionista proves that you don’t have to give up style in the cold.

One Simple Change: Switch the black riding boots with uniquely detailed rain boots like these by Chooka for a rainy day. This is something I can imagine Jennifer Aniston wearing in a romantic comedy set in the pouring rain. She falls in a puddle and still totally looks fabulous when dream man gives her his hand and helps her up. Overactive imagination mixed with a little ongoing obession of the show Friends, a modern day Rachel Green would be proud of this outfit.


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