WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Kansas winter weather advisories and brutal wind chills have all of us wildcat Fashionista/os trying to bury ourselves in the warmest layers of clothing and outerwear we can get our paws on. My appreciation for my North Face, warm leggings and chunky socks is at an all-time high. It can be a bummer when your favorite pieces of your outfit is covered by bulky layers and outerwear. That’s why it’s so important during the cold winter season to dress in your most exquisite outerwear to stay stylish in the frigid weather.

I’m a strong lover of neutral ensembles. When I spotted this Fashionista, I immediately had a deep love for her neutral wardrobe choices that she chose to face the cold in; making it seem simple to dress flawless while still staying warm in the snow. Her feminine parka allows for her to wear as many layers as she wants underneath it and still look impeccably stylish. Adding to her cold weather wardrobe, she chose to sport the classic Burberry scarf. This classy scarf adds a pattern and more warmth for this Fashionista to bop around in the snow in. Another winter friendly accessory this Fashionista rocks is boot socks. She chose a pair of cream boot socks to peak out of the top of her riding boots for a simple, but trendy winter style touch.

In the winter it’s important to find the perfect scarves, gloves and big socks to accessorize with. These accessories are going to be most seen during your winter apparel, rather than bangles and necklaces that won’t be visible under your outerwear.

One Simple Change: Change this outfit into a game night outfit by wearing an oversized flannel button down under your parka — comfortable and stylish!


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