WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

I feel like this winter in Madison is lasting extremely long because of the record-breaking low temperature. Some people even posted on Facebook saying that there is nothing more joyful than staying inside during this time of the year. While all people are trying hard to “equip” themselves as warm as possible, I’m really happy to see that there are always some people keeping their styles on no matter how cold the weather is.

I loved the ways that this Fashionista stayed warm in the frigid temperatures. She embodies a simple, unique way to rock a casual winter outfit. By incorporating cozy sweater and stylish boots, this Fashionista combines urban and feminine elements effortlessly. She put this simple patterned sweater overtop of a light blue shirt to give a chic ensemble look. The color and pattern of her sweater is not showy but dynamic enough for winter. The chartreuse cotton coat she incorporated provides a lively contrast with the orange color of her backpack.

To match the cozy-chic nature of her coat and sweater, this Fashionista chose a pair of dark blue jeans. I feel that this is a smart choice because wearing jeans will help your legs look skinny than wearing sport pants. This Fashionista completes her outfit with a pair of black vintage boots. The advantage to wear boots during cold weather is keeping warm while maintaining fashionable. Many boots now are waterproof so that it is safe to wear them even in snowy ground.

One Simple Change: Even though the temperature remains low these days, spring is right at the corner. When it’s getting warmer, you can simply take off your cotton coat and replace it with a cream-colored trench coat that will keep your look lively.


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