WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Few things make me as upset as Mufasa’s death scene in The Lion King, but the cold is one of them. My hands go numb after being outside for five minutes and I feel tears constantly running down my face. But that’s just because of the wind. One thing that significantly makes these days better are cheerful outfits that distract from the blustering winds and biting cold. Today’s Fashionista proves that you don’t have to wrap a scarf around your face and put on so many layers that you look like the Michelin Man in order to fight the cold.

This Fashionista was not afraid to play with color. She donned a navy and red checkered coat, maroon pants and light blue socks that peeked out of the top of her lace-up boots. She also added another pop of color with her pink and beige backpack, which had initially caught my eye. Cold weather clothing is usually associated with oversized down coats, fur-lined boots and chunky scarves. However, this Fashionista shows us that fun prints and color can overcome anything. A hot coffee might help too, though.

Although some of you might not live anywhere that gets below 20-degrees, it’s still important to be prepared. Start off by finding weather appropriate outerwear. Instead of going for a neutral colored coat, opt for something bright or printed because you’ll need something cheerful to look at when the wind slaps you in the face. Jeans are the next go-to to fight the frigid weather. Go for a color that complements your outerwear. Keep your toes warm with colorful wool socks that can stick out of your neutral toned boots. If you have bold outerwear, keep your scarf simple and solid. Underneath it all, have on at least a T-shirt and sweater; more layers are always welcome depending on the day (just avoid that Michelin Man look).

One Simple Change: If the temperature rises a few degrees and you’re ready to conquer errands, swap out the boots for some stylish sneakers. You can also trade in the backpack for a tote bag that you can leave empty for everything you don’t need at CVS.


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