WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

With a cold front sweeping in from all sides (Even Southern California is experiencing unusually frigid weather at a frightening 50 degrees!), Fashionista/os everywhere must prepare to battle the icy winds of an unforgiving climate. In times like these, articles of clothing such as hats, scarves, gloves, fur coats and heavy jackets are essential. I know some of my friends find it difficult to dress in a trendy fashion during the chilliest season of the year but, fear not, it is possible!

During the winter days, layering clothes is a stylish and effective method to fend off the nippy air. This Fashionisto keeps warm by cladding himself in tan trousers, a quirkily patterned sweater, black puffer jacket, Notre Dame beanie and black Converse. He dresses smart by wearing a puffer jacket on top of a sweater, and his jacket and trousers are just the right basic to balance out the craziness of the sweater. His school-spirited beanie adds further flair to his already ridiculously snazzy outfit. The hat permits him to display his Fighting Irish pride in an non-ostentatious manner, while keeping ears warm and adding a hip-hop edge to his pedantic ensemble.

If you’re interested in copping this Fashionisto’s attire, look no further than Urban Outfitters. (I know there is an Urban right next to the Notre Dame campus, so all of you who are not studying abroad this semester are in luck!) The hip store has a great selection of knitwear. If you’re down with fun designs, there’s a sale on patterned-sweaters on the Urban online site. If you’re more of a solid color person, there’s a sale on plain sweaters online as well. Beanies and jackets are also on sale! If you’re still finding Urban’s sale prices rather expensive, local thrift shops always have unique and vintage sweaters, hats and jackets on hand. If you already have your favorite sweater, jacket and beanie, just throw it all together and go forth into the cold weather and rock that Chicago cool guy look!

One Simple Change: Another beneficial feature of this outfit is its versatility. By swapping the puffer jacket with a fitted blazer and taking off the beanie, the outfit transitions from street style swag to smart student suave. Thus, a simple switch of outerwear allows this Fashionisto to go from an outing with his buddies to a meeting with a professor.


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