WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Winter is coming. On the East Coast, it’s getting into the single digits. People are buttoning up, and staying indoors to escape the chill. It’s hard to dress nicely and show off style with all the layers and layers of jackets. Many of the colors can become monotone and dull next to one another. This Fashionista pulls off her outfit nicely with a fresh contrast of summer and winter, all while keeping warm.

Her white wool jacket cuts right above the hips, while her tank top goes about a hand length lower. This highlights her curves, especially with the pattern of white wool and the sleekness of black leggings. However, her tank top is what first drew me to her outfit. By wearing a summer tank top, she adds a touch of personal flavor and style. But, the color of the tank top does not make the outfit disjointed. It is just dark enough to complement the leggings and lengthen her body. Additionally, the lace on the top and the floral design enhances her hips. Her silver necklace with a light purple tint is the perfect winter accessory. She finishes off the look with black knee-high boots: subtle, but sexy.

Contrast can be difficult to pull off. The outfit needs to be unified, but personal touches can and should be added. Instead of looking for another black, brown or gray jacket, try choosing a different, brighter color. This Fashionista chose an off-white wool jacket to keep her warm. Maybe even throw in a small item or accessory from your summer closet, like a scarf. Just because the sky is gray doesn’t mean you have to be too! Just remember to keep the outfit unified.

One Simple Change: Swap out the white, knitted jacket for something leather or black for a night out with the girls.


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