WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Every season has its limitations when it comes to style. Extreme temperatures rarely produce inspiration, often leading Fashionistas and Fashionistos to believe that looking good under such conditions is impossible. Luckily, the blasting cold is easier to dress for than blistering heat; all it takes is a collection of winter basics.

This week’s Fashionista seems to know her way around staying classy when it’s cold. She shows that the key to dressing for arctic temperatures lies in the materials of the clothing. This Fashionista wears a puffy jacket that offers great insulation to keep her toasty. She also sports a knit beanie that prevents her head from being affected by sharp, icy winds. A fluffy scarf and duck boots complete her warm and cozy look.

This Fashionista stands out in the crowd because of her glam take on the winter essentials. The burgundy and plum in her outfit give it a sophisticated touch that the more youthful silhouettes of her jacket and denim balance out. Additionally, the luxe rhinestone motifs on her beanie take the ensemble to the next level. Her whimsical bag works perfectly with the rest of her outfit and further contributes to her look. Clearly, it is very possible to dress for a polar vortex without sacrificing style. This Fashionista proves it with her practical but very presentable outfit.

Extreme temperatures are definitely a hassle but personal style should not suffer because of them. Look to this Fashionista for inspiration on how to combat the cold while still looking chic.

One Simple Change: On a warmer day, switch out the puffer jacket for a sleek blazer. Do not be afraid to play with proportions and colors to experiment with a variety of looks.


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