WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

For my CollegeFashionista articles, more often than not I feel like I am attempting to help you dress to suit the weather. As college students, we obviously spend a lot of time walking about campus, so an outfit that does not mesh well with what’s going on with the temperature, precipitation, sun or clouds right outside the window can ruin our entire day. Who wants that? So Fashionistas, I hope you think of me as your own personal style spirit guide when it comes to selecting your attire on those days when you feel as though the weather has more of a say in what you should wear than you do.

Today, I’m tackling the issue that many Fashionistas have come face-to-face with this winter: dressing for the cold weather. On -11 degree mornings when you feel like an injury caused by way of frigid winds or numerous patches of ice is surely in the cards, it’s easy to forgo all that you were taught when it comes to style and simply throw on every single piece of clothing you have in your closet. We’ve all been there, but this Fashionista that I spotted on campus proved that looking cute and staying toasty are two seemingly contrasting concepts that can actually live harmony.

She sported a black coat with a large plaid scarf and topped her look off with a black beanie. To add extra dimension (and warmth, of course!) to the look, she wore green and black buffalo check gloves and a pair of knee socks under her red sneakers. Her outfit contained all of the essentials for her to comfortably brave the cold while still staying true to her style. Having the best of both worlds never looked so adorable.

If you’re trying to stay snug yet stylish on the chilliest days of the year, go ahead and take notes from this Fashionista. Try out a bold, cozy scarf that reflects your personal taste, or go for a fun pair of gloves that will make even the coldest of weather a little bit cuter. The sky is the limit here, Fashionistas, but at the end of the day, it’s key to remember that a drop in temperature never has to automatically hinder the look you’re trying to achieve.

One Simple Change: If you’re someone who stays faithful to your skirts and dresses even in the dead of winter, don’t forget that you can still easily replicate this look by adorning your dress with the same cute and cozy winter accessories (and don’t forget a pair of tights!).


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