WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

During the first few days of the semester there has been one constant, freezing rain. Fashionistos and Fashionistas, I know how we are craving warmth, sunglasses and everything spring. We must make fashion lift our mood and body temperature for the time being! I believe I have found a solution: faux fur.

Fur has been the source of moral debate in the fashion world for many years. Designers, style icons and models alike have spoke out against fur and animal cruelty. It was 1999 during New York Fashion Week when PETA stopped a Randolph Duke Fur fashion show by throwing red paint on the runway. This moment in fashion made history. This event even reached to the masses, as most associate fur on the runway or the street had red paint being splattered on it by protestors. Whether you believe that wearing fur is morally wrong or right, there has been an alternative created. It never ceases to blow my mind that talented individuals can construct synthetic fibers. Faux fur was first introduced in the early 1930s, then was commercially available in the 50s. Faux fur owes its true popularity to animal rights activists who promoted the fabric as an animal-friendly alternative. Iconic designers Ralph Lauren and Chanel also began promoting their use of strictly faux fur. The obvious advantage of faux fur is that no animals are being harmed. A more obscure advantage is that it is a fabric and although it has fur like appearance, it is incredibly easy to use on a sewing machine.

This Fashionista looked warm and chic on the street even though it was a rather glum day. The faux fur headband she was rocking raised my spirits. I love the combo of the faux fur headband and detailing on the jacket. I also wanted to point out her cute black bag and black lace up boots. These aspects of the look fall beautifully together, making a happy Fashionista even on the darkest of days.

One Simple Change: Swap the light wash jeans for a dark wash or black leggings to make the chic look even more sleek. Also another way of taking the look from street wear to a cold but awesome girl’s night out.


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