WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

It does not take a meteorology major or a news weatherman for you to be informed of the dreaded reality of winters in Michigan: it is cold. Just one step outside into the “polar vortex” will be enough evidence to convince you of the chilly climate’s gloomy presence. Some people proclaim their aversion to the snowy tundra and take great strides to not leave the comfort and warmth of their homes (well in my case, dorm room). And with the record-breaking low temperatures, some in the very icy negatives, it is easy to want to snuggle up with a blanket and your Netflix account.

However, for those of us who are daring enough to enter the cold and frost-bitten winds, it is easy for the weather to take precedent over style. Cold weather does indeed foster a need for warm and comfortable clothing that may not always be our most stylish pieces. Although it is important to bundle-up, cold weather fashion does not have to mean that oversized parka you have from your family’s annual ski outing or a blow-out sale at Patagonia. Instead, choosing cold weather looks should embody your own taste while preserving your fashion integrity.

This Fashionista shows you how to stay warm without compromising style. Her Fossil collar coat is in a fun, bright-colored pattern, allowing her to stay warm and attuned to her personal taste. The bright pattern is also a great way to shed some light on the rather dreary days of winter. She accents her eye-catching coat with a plain, dark gray scarf, balancing out the strong pattern and adding some much needed warmth. The heavy fringe on the bottom of her scarf adds texture to her look as well.

To match the cozy-chic nature of her coat and scarf, this Fashionista chose a bold pair of royal blue leggings. Her leggings are thick enough to fight off the blistering winds and also create a stylish counterpart to her fashionable outerwear. Her footwear is unique to most winter styles; flats are not our go-to cold weather shoe. However, the thick burlap material and high-top style of her shoes are a perfect alternative to the common winter boot.

When trekking to class or meeting up with some friends, the frozen temperatures can become a burden on your sartorial choices. However, when finding looks to keep you warm, it is easy to pick pieces that also represent your own personal taste. And creating a winter wardrobe that is fun and unique will help beat any winter blues. Stay warm Fashionistas/os!

One Simple Change: When the temperatures begin to rise (ah, the coveted months of warmth), try exchanging the scarf and leggings for a neutral-toned dress and flats. The coat will act as a playful addition to your beginning-of-spring look.


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