WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

As all of us Chicagoans have become painfully aware, the weather this winter is worse than it’s been in years. With nonstop snowstorms and wind chills of -45 degrees, staying warm and safe has become everyone’s top priority. While this was the case, this Fashionista was determined to not let the bad weather affect her style and managed to dress for the cold while still remaining fashion-forward.

This Fashionista was spotted keeping warm wearing a long black Michael Kors jacket with a gray sweater, a pair of black leggings and tall black boots. She then accessorized her winter outfit with a rose gold Michael Kors watch and a silver monogrammed necklace.

With the weather being unbearably cold this winter, one piece of clothing that has remained in style are sweaters. Sweaters thick and warm materials help protect people from the cold while still helping them remain comfortable and fashionable. In addition, the many different colors, cuts and patterns that sweaters come in allow them to help Fashionista’s all over the world express themselves through their outfits while still staying warm.

Another must-have for the winter is a winter jacket. Every Fashionista needs one but just because it’s a jacket doesn’t mean it still can’t be stylish. This Fashionista’s long black jacket was perfect for the winter because not only did it keep her warm but also it was simple and fashionable. The black coloring is super easy to match with, and the silver zippers and fur hood help accent the jacket and dress up her entire outfit.

Just because the temperature is dropping and it seems that the snow will never stop falling, doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking your best. This Fashionista did a wonderful job at remaining put-together while still dressing appropriately for the weather.

One Simple Change: This outfit would be perfect, even if the weather warmed up a little. By simply not wearing the winter jacket and trading in the boots for some sandals or gladiators this outfit can instantly be worn in both fall and spring.


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