WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

The temperature only continues to drop in Davis, and to fight it, students are using the strategy of an onion: layers. Big coats and knitted accessories are being seen everywhere. I spotted this Fashionista during a break between classes. What actually caught my eye was her hair – she looks like a mermaid! But she is certainly dressed to fight the ever-growing chill that is coming to campus.

The outer layer of her look is a parka, a trend that seems to be going strong through the winter season. If where you live is beyond chilly, you’re going to want something lined, like this one from Zara. It’s lined with fur so you’ll stay cozy, and it’s got a drawstring so you don’t look boxy.

Under the outerwear is a sweater in a beautiful, deep red. It is always been a popular color in winter, but has become especially stylish recently. This cherry jumper from Topman is a great shade. Yes, it’s a men’s brand, but that just means oversized comfort when you’re studying; not to mention, its shoulder patches add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the look.

If you’re going to wear a skirt and tights this season, bring the layers to your legs! I loved this Fashionista’s legwarmers. She keeps them neutral; instead opting for a nubbly texture for warmth. These over-the-knee socks from H&M are sure to become an over-tights standard.

Lace-up boots are definitely a staple for Davis residents (ladies and gents alike), so if you don’t already own a pair like this Fashionista, it’s time to get some. Urban Outfitters has some in tons of colors; there’s bound to be a pair that will fit in your closet. If you like height, Topshop has got you covered with this heeled pair.

Finally, as this is a Fashionista, she’s toting around her books in style. Canvas is durable enough to hold all your belongings, but you don’t need to sacrifice form for function. Its surge in recent popularity means styles for everybody. This United By Blue rucksack is simple with great leather details. The ‘Little America’ by Herschel has padded shoulder straps and computer sleeve pocket if you’ve got to carry your laptop all day.

One Simple Change: On warmer days, change the parka to a leather jacket for an edgier look. If you still like its military style, this one from NASTY GAL is the best of both worlds—it has leather sleeves!


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