WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Snow has hit the ground. This is not a drill, snow has officially come to the Northeast. This is such headlining news, as the snow showed up much later than usual, and, I may be jinxing us, but hasn’t been that extensive! This delayed snow action also gave me the opportunity to exhaust my entire fall wardrobe; a feat I am proud to say I have done, but increased my yearning for my winter wear.

This Fashionista is rocking one of my favorite classic winter trends–winter white! I remember being around 14-years-old and finding out that the age-old, outdated rule of “not wearing white after Labor Day” was a complete hoax, and that there existed such a thing as winter white. To quote a famous princess, it was a “whole new world.”

The structure of this Fashionista’s jacket lends to a very polished and tailored look and is one that exudes professionalism. This is a great way to appear more put-together when you may not feel it so, which I’m sure everyone can understand now, while in the throws of finals.

Speaking of the dreaded f-word, (finals of course!), the remainder of this Fashionista’s outfit is a great study outfit for long library sessions. The white sweater is ideal for the drafty study rooms, and leggings take away the constriction that jeans may hold on you when you may just need to curl up with those notes and power through one more chapter.

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One Simple Change: When not in finals mode entirely, swap the leggings for some classic Levi’s, and change the sweater out for a flannel to complete a very classic, preppy look!


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