WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

As we are expecting a high of ten degrees this week here in Boulder it is paramount that we re-think our wardrobe to combat this brutal weather. Cold weather is an easy excuse not to dress your best, or more so it becomes a more difficult task. But it is actually quite the contrary! Cold weather is a great reason to display the greatest and easiest of trends that is layering.

This Fashionista shows us a great way to layer and stay warm while maintaining a cohesive outfit. Some of us can go a little layer crazy at times and end up looking like we just threw on the first things we saw in our closet. It is important to remember that while bold contrast can work, it’s good to pick a color scheme and stick with it. Which is exactly what this Fashionista does, she essentially creates a gray scale from black to white. In some cases choosing an outfit derived of hues of one color could be disastrous but with black and white it never fails, especially when you are going to wear multiple layers. This Fashionista also throws in a twist by having white bottoms and a black top that creates a contrast. Her choice in coat is also perfect, sticking with a neutral color and a built in accessory of faux fur is a great way to mix up a black and white outfit. And most importantly, an essential to keep warm in cold weather, a hat, while often we go to grab our favorite beanie it never hurts to try something new as this Fashionista does. Cold weather can be brutal, but with the right essentials it’s a breeze to dress for.

One Simple Change: If you swapped out this Fahsionista’s gray coat for a red or green peacoat this outfit would be perfect for the holidays.


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