WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

The winter months are a bittersweet time for most people. Us college students finally get a break from 18 credit hours worth of schoolwork to go home and see our families. But with this particular holiday season the dreaded cold weather starts to make a daily appearance. However, cold weather is absolutely no excuse to start a habit of reaching for the UGG boots, sweatpants and hoodies. I know it’s very cold and all you want to do is stay warm, but a good Fashionista, such as this one, always knows how to bundle up for the cold weather in style!

On this particular day the air was warme,r but once the wind started to blow it would send a chill up your spine. I spotted this Fashionista from a mile away sporting her double-breasted peacoat. I don’t know what it is about peacoats, but I think they’re just adorable! A peacoat is a great choice for the winter season because it is very thick so you’ll be able to stay warm in style. A little advice though: when buying a peacoat opt for a size bigger than what you normal would wear, that way you don’t feel suffocated when wearing a cozy sweater or lots of layers underneath!

As this Fashionista got closer my eyes were drawn to her studded black flats. These shoes were amazing. The mix of black and white studs added depth and instantly made your eyes attract… to top it off they were a bargain buy at Forever 21! She opted for jeans to add a little structure and warmth to the outfit.Combining these were a great choice because it dressed the outfit up and added some personality to her extremely simple silhouette.

One Simple Change:  Dig the peacoat and flat ensemble enough to wear for an interview? Switch the jeans out for a business casual LBD. The all black attire will show you mean business but the studded flats with show your personality. You’ll rock the interview, hands down!


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