WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

What’s orange, soft and knit all over? If you guessed this Drexel Fashionista’s turtleneck sweater then you’re absolutely correct. With a color this rich and saturated, this Fashionista stood out while she was on her way to go serve meals at a local homeless shelter. With an oversized sweater as big as her heart and as bright as her smile, this volunteer is sure to bring holiday cheer to those in need. This time of year is all about giving back and serving others, a style that looks good on everyone and is always on trend.

This holiday season, follow this Fashionista’s lead by volunteering your time at a local food pantry and by looking stylish while doing it. Her bold, tangerine sweater adds some citrus flavor to an otherwise chilly and gray winter day. Her burgundy infinity scarf, knit socks and lace-up ankle boots provide the perfect cold weather accessories to keep her toasty. Dark wash, comfortable denim makes her sweater really pop and is a safe choice for a day when you know you’ll be up on your feet for a long period of time. Aside from dressing with comfort in mind and implementing some color theory concepts, this Fashionista is radiant from head to toe because she is receiving everything she gives tenfold.

One Simple Change: For a study session after your day of serving is complete, opt for black leggings instead of denim for an even more relaxed vibe after your day of work is done. To receive much, you must give much, so receive some style inspiration and give to those in need this holiday season. You’ll look and feel your best, no makeover required.


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