WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Winter is around the corner. This means my favorite season of the year is almost here. This is the time to truly express your own personal style. Any amount of clothing and accessories you wear is totally acceptable because you have to dress for the warm weather.

Being a college student and walking from class to class in the freezing weather can be annoying and irritable. Some people might not know exactly how to dress up in a trendy outfit for the cold weather, but this Fashionisto definitely knows how to make a statement. The first thing that caught my eye was his patterned winter coat. The different shades of blue are great colors for the winter. Underneath his coat, he put on a red button V-neck. I like the color choice with his coat because it stands out in his outfit.

When dressing for the cold weather, it’s always important that you pick out things that will keep you warm. This Fashionisto’s stylish sweatpants were the perfect pick. They are loose on top and start to tighten up by his ankles, ensuring that he will stay warm. There are a lot of shoe choices when it comes to the cold weather. But sometimes it is hard to find a trendy one that will also keep you warm. This Fashionisto’s black boot was a great choice. Their sleek look makes the outfit dressier, but is also a great winter boot. Overall, this Fashionisto’s cold weather outfit is perfection.

One Simple Change: If you replace the sweatpants with jeans and add loafers, you would be ready for a casual night out.

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