WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

People dread winter for lots of reasons. Some people detest the cold and despise the months of dreariness. There are always two types of people though. I would gladly endure zero degree weather if it did not come with the need for layers upon layers leading to a sometimes unflattering look in an effort to keep warm. It’s hard to show off your look to the world when it’s hiding underneath down feather and pashminas. Or at least so I thought until I came across this Fashionista who is clearly knowledgeable on ways to keep warm and fashion on.

The biggest irony of winter is the fact that stockings seem to keep you warmer than pants at times. That being said, there is no reason to tuck away your summer skirts or shorts yet if you plan your outfit the right way. Today’s Fashionista breaks out her semi-opaque stockings in this 30 degree weather but not without layering up in other parts. This winter’s trend seems to be sweater weather meets spring fling. With her stockings she pairs her long sleeved thermal shirt with a black cotton mini dress underneath. Aside from being super stylish, it is also surprisingly warm and a look to go for this season.

When wearing this mash up of weathers outfit, there are countless amounts of shoe options to go with it. That is the aspect of the look that you will make your own. In this Fashionista’s case she keeps her too cool for winter look going by choosing suede combat boots to tie into her twill fleece lined parka. Everyone knows you lose the most heat from your head in the winter. Instead of a conventional hat, she cleverly ties in her fedora from the sunnier months with her overall look and achieves her goal beating the winter blues.

One Simple Change: If you want more of a preppy look and more warmth, consider also adding a button-down flannel under your shirt or sweater.


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